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Everyday Bread May 30, 2013

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***Update:  So I probably posted this recipe a bit early.  I had just made the bread and tried it only a time or two.  After a few days , the bread was pretty dry and crumbly, it did this much faster than I expected (even with putting it in a plastic bag after one day), especially for bread that can supposedly sit on your counter for a week…I wanted to delete this post because of this but I’m human, I don’t always have successes, and maybe this post will help you in your bread making in one way or another!  ***

I really enjoyed paging through a cookbook called Make the Bread Buy the Butter by Jennifer Reese.  It goes through many different grocery items that you should/could or shouldn’t cook from scratch.  Of course, I read through it knowing I would NOT be starting to make every single item in my kitchen from scratch, as much as I would love to, but it was informative as to what was easy to make, like this bread, and what is not worth taking the time to make from scratch.

I love the idea of this Everyday Bread recipe that Jennifer wrote about.  Supposedly it will last an entire week on my kitchen counter in a brown bag (that is if it isn’t eaten first) and it was so easy to whip together.  It is a heavier bread, so don’t expect a light french bread type loaf.  I’ve had a couple of pieces fresh out of the oven and one toasted with tomato and cheese.  I can imagine myself eating it as a sandwich or even toasting it up with some jam.  The other reason I love the idea of making this bread, possibly every couple of weeks, is because I know exactly what is in it and it doesn’t have any crazy ingredients!

Everyday Bread Makes 1 loaf

1/2 t instant yeast

1 3/4 cup water, room temp

2 3/4 cup flour

3/4 cup + 2 T whole wheat flour

2-3 T flax seeds (opt)

2 tsp kosher salt

Oil a 9×5 metal loaf pan.

Mix all ingredients in a large bowl and scrape into pan.  Cover with damp dish towel and let rise 2-4 hours until level with top of pan.

Note:  Original recipe says 2 hrs.  My bread sat on the counter for two hours and wasn’t near ready so I used my dough rise setting on my oven and let it rise in the oven for 45+ minutes until it got level to the pan.

Preheat oven to 450 degrees and bake loaf for 30 minutes.  Remove from pan and bake directly on rack for 15 minutes more.

Note:  I did not bake for the remaining 15 minutes, I pulled it out after 30 and was worried that it was already TOO done, so I skipped the 15 minutes.  It was baked through when I cut into it but I may try the extra 15 minutes next time to see what it does to the bread.

As recommended with all breads, cool before slicing.

Recipe from Make the Bread Buy the Butter by Jennifer Reese


2 Responses to “Everyday Bread”

  1. Bobbi Says:

    This came at just the RIGHT time, I had no bread in the house today!!! I was planning on baking bread and yours looked so yummy!! So that IS the one I tried! I had a slice for lunch and REALLY enjoyed it! It is a heavier dense bread, like you said (reminded me VERY much of this bread ~ https://katskitchen.wordpress.com/2011/12/10/no-knead-harvest-bread/ ~ minus the cranberries) I did end up changing just a few things, I used some ground flax seed and some whole flax seeds ~ you get more nutrients from the ground my cousin told me. I also added some sunflower seeds. Mine is on the counter in a brown bag right now, I like the rustic-ness of that!!! I will maybe let you know what I think of it tomorrow or in a few days ~ I am bread finicky you know!!! ;) Thanks for a fun recipe, and an easy one!!!

  2. Bobbi Says:

    I agree with your update, not really the bestest bread. I will not be making it again!! In fact…..sadly, most of it got thrown away. After that first warm piece….the rest just didn’t really taste great……. Oh, well. Now we know that that bread is not for us!!! :)

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