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Brownies from scratch April 26, 2013

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There is nothing like a good brownie with a scoop of ice cream on top for dessert.  I must say, the box types usually turn out great for this type of thing.  Chewy, fudgy, chocolaty, etc.  But being the baker that I am, I have a really hard time making brownies from a box very often.  I have made a number of brownies from scratch, lately these two and have been very pleased with them.  The first one is a keeper!  I would say better than any box brownie you have ever had!  The second recipe is really good but very different than the first.  *oh and I should say they are great even without the ice cream on top!*  Which one to make first?  I’d say both and compare!  OR here are the differences between them both:

1.  The Sour Cream Brownies are made with bittersweet chocolate.  If you love your dark chocolate, you will enjoy these brownies very much, whereas the Fudge Brownies don’t have that dark chocolate taste to them as much. (although I should mention the Sour Cream also has milk chocolate chips, I believe I used semi-sweet, but milk would give a nice contrast to them).  *I added walnuts to the Sour Cream ones, I love a crunch of nuts in my brownies :)

2.  The Fudge Brownies have a fudge-like texture of a box brownie and are very moist whereas the Sour Cream Brownies are a bit more cakeier with a bit of that fudge texture in the middle (especially in the middle pieces).  I hesitated posting the Sour Cream Brownies because the edges got pretty dry, much more than I like, and I wanted to try to bake them in a bit of a larger pan so they weren’t as thick and hopeful that the edges wouldn’t get as dry, but I ran out of time and wanted to share these recipes sooner!  If I get around to making them again in this way, I will let you know the outcome, in any case, they were really a good brownie, just very different than the Fudge Brownie :)  Hope I didn’t confuse to many minds or chase any of you off by my comparisons…

Click on the links below the picture for the recipes!  Enjoy your brownies!


King Arthur Flour’s Fudge Brownies

DSC_0047Bake or Break’s Sour Cream Brownie


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