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Butter Pecan Turtle Bars September 12, 2012

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Butter Pecan Turtle Bars – not sure how else to introduce these lovely things.  The bar starts out with a shortbread crust.  Loving shortbread more and more as I make things with it.  Then comes a caramely, buttery pecan layer and the bar ends with a nice layer of chocolate.  This would be a great holiday treat or perfect for a hot September day :)  I made a few changes which I will note below.  I would make them exactly as I did the first time, nothing needed to be different!

Sorry about the long periods of time between posts.  No good excuse as usual.  Also, I will apologize ahead of time b/c 1-3 posts per month (after maybe a couple of months off) may be the new Kats’ Kitchen for a while, due to baby #2 arriving in a month.

Butter Pecan Turtle Bars

1 cup flour

1/2 cup brown sugar

1/4 cup soft butter

1/2 cup whole/chopped pecans

Combine first three ingredients in a mixer and pat in a 8×8 in pan.  Sprinkle with whole/chopped pecans.  (I used chopped but would try whole next time for a more ‘turtle’ type bar and to bring out the pecan a bit more).

1/4 cup brown sugar

1/3 cup butter

1/2 cup milk chocolate chips (I used semi-sweet and would definitely try dark chocolate b/c I love it, you use what you like best.  Also I added probably 1/4-1/2 cup chocolate chips and made an entire layer of chocolate instead of swirling it into the caramel which seemed a bit difficult to do and who doesn’t like more chocolate?)

Over medium heat cook the above first two ingredients together.  Stir constantly and boil 30-60 seconds.  Pour evenly over the pecans and crust.  Bake at 350 degrees for 18-22 minutes or until caramel layer is bubbly and crust is lightly browned (which I founded tough to see through the caramel layer).  Remove from oven and sprinkle immediately with chips.  Allow to melt then swirl/spread around.

Recipe from Prized Recipes to Cook and Savor by PRCS


4 Responses to “Butter Pecan Turtle Bars”

  1. Bobbi Says:

    I JUST saw this recipe in the cookbook and wanted to try it ASAP!Funny, you beat me to it!!! Glad to hear it was a good one, looking forward to trying it too! I LOVE shortbread too! :)

  2. Aunt Betty Says:

    I love that this is a smaller recipe, and not a 9/13/12. Sounds wonderful, but don’t need to much of it.

  3. Amanda Says:

    What temperature is the oven supposed to be?

  4. stacielk Says:

    Sorry, 350 degrees!

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