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Fresh Orange Smoothie March 28, 2012

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When I saw this smoothie over at Gimme Some Oven I went right to my fridge, pulled out all the oranges that needed to be used up and made myself a delicious Fresh Orange Smoothie.  It’s a smoothie – so it’s super easy to make – throw all the ingredients in your blender and as long as your blender is working (mine seems like it’s on its last leg…) – blend until smooth.  A great healthy drink for a warm spring or summer day!

Oh yes, I wanted to mention it kinda reminds me of an Orange Creamsicle (without the booze of course).  Also, this smoothie could end up with pulp if your blender isn’t super good at pureeing.

Fresh Orange Smoothie

4 fresh oranges, peeled (freeze for about 30 minutes if times allows-if not just add more ice)

1/2-1 cup ice

1/3 cup milk

2 T honey (or sugar)

1 tsp vanilla

zest of 1 orange (I was too lazy to add this but would probably pump up the orange flavor!)

Combine in blender until smooth.  Add more ice if needed.

Recipe from Gimme Some Oven


One Response to “Fresh Orange Smoothie”

  1. Bobbi Says:

    These look awesome!!!! I love LOVE Orange Julius’ and these look similar, I will make these as soon as I get some oranges! I don’t like to eat an orange BUT will enjoy this! Thanks :)

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