Kats’ Kitchen

What have I been up to… September 20, 2011

This past week or so I’ve been in the kitchen quite a bit.  The weather has been changing from hot 80-90 degree days into cooler fall-like weather.  I am sad to see summer leaving us so soon, as it does every year.  Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy fall a lot, leaving the grill covered more often (not my husbands preference but he deals with it) and making dinner inside more frequently, but I am just not ready for the snowy, icy weather.  I know, I’m sure that is months and months away yet, but still, fall is a sign of it approaching!  So, with celebrating the end of summer and the beginning of fall, I bring you:

Raspberry Margaritas

Super tasty and sweet.  Love it with strawberries or raspberries!

6 oz Tequila (I used a bit less)

2 oz Triple Sec

8 oz frozen raspberries, partly thawed

4 oz frozen lime aid concentrate

4-5 cups ice

sugar, to taste depending on the sweetness of the fruit.  I usually add 2-3 T.

Balsamic Chicken Sandwiches

I found this recipe in the Parade.  It is Jerry Seinfeld’s fav sandwich.  You can find the recipe here.  This one is good to, a nice change-up of recipes.

Homemade Pizza

Check out how I do it here.  I also threw some of my basil pesto on part of it.  My daughter loved that part as much as I did!

Pepper Jelly

You will have to visit again to get that recipe!

Homegrown Salsa

Tomatoes came fresh from my garden…the other ingredients…we’ll I’m going to keep those to myself because I make it the easy way, to my husband’s liking.


You’ve probably noticed the random picture in my collage…that’s been in the making most of the summer, finally got it finished!  Never made a granny-square blanket until my sis-in-law brought this pattern to me so she could make it for her son who was actually born this past weekend!  She got her’s done the week before he came and I got mine done the day after.

Along with these recipes (and blanket), I made some Best Ever Oatmeal Cookies (except my cookies came out MUCH flatter than the ones in the picture if you follow the link, either way, they are tasty!) and some banana bread made with my FAVORITE banana bread recipe – super moist and tasty!  Looking back, I don’t think I ever shared that recipe for you.  I will have to do that soon!


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