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Baby food anyone??? October 14, 2010

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I’m going to have to apologize.  My postings may be limited for some time again.  Unless my followers want to know how I make baby food…because that’s what I’m doing in my kitchen these days.  Making mushy gushy fruits and veggies for Miss Regan to fill her tummy with.

This is new for me, so if you have any pointers for me, I’d be happy to here them!!!

And of course a couple pictures of the 6 month old!


4 Responses to “Baby food anyone???”

  1. crustabakes Says:

    she is adorable!

  2. Shelley Stursma Says:

    Because of food allergy issues, I couldn’t buy the meal-type baby food. I used a great recipe book from the library called Blender Baby Food and adapted recipes so I could use them. I liked it because it was divided into what was appropriate for the ages and stages of babies.

  3. ingrid Says:

    She’s a cutie! God bless her!

  4. Stephanie Says:

    wholesomebabyfood.com is a great site with lots of tips and recipes. I went to it all the time! Glad to be past that stage though and onto table foods:) And as I have told you many times…she is just so cute:)

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