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Sausage and Mushroom Ragu w/ Pasta May 2, 2009

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sausage-mushroom-raguThis recipe came from Rachael Ray’s Big Orange Book that I got for Christmas this past year.  I think this is only the 2nd recipe I’ve tried from this recipe book, the first being Steak Pizzaiola, which we love! 

The Sausage and Mushroom Ragu w/ Rigatoni was another meal pleaser.  It took just about an hour from start to finish for me to put together.  It was a nice change from your normal pasta dish usually made with ground beef.  The sausage gave it nice flavor.

Of course, I made a few changes from the original recipe, which included:

1.  Penne Rigate noodles instead of Rigatoni (I’m all about the whole wheat noodles and had the Penne in my cabinet already.) 

2.  Already sliced mushrooms instead of Portobello caps, which I know is probably a pretty big change from the original recipe as far as taste, next time I’ll try the Portobello.

3.  Diced tomatoes instead of crushed.  My book actually doesn’t specify, but I noticed here it does.

4.  And finally, instead of Sage leaves, I used some…I think it was dried Rosemary and Marjoram.  (Check here for some herb swaps)

Want the recipe?  Here you go.  I’m not really likin’ the picture they have there, so I’m posting my own for you.

Bon Appetit!


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